Friday, September 20, 2013

Homework 4

Do you love your project/game. If not, how can that be changed? 
So far I do love our game. I was late to the group so i didn't get to put that initial input into the game. But after finding out what my group decided to go with i was very happy.  I love both medieval era and the dragon ball z concept.  One of the best experiences is modeling the medieval objects so far.
Does the team as a whole love the project? If not, what can be done? 
As far as i know every one in the team loves the project.  As communication increases and the game develops more i believe there will be greater feeling towards the game.

Are the team members communicating with each other?
At first i had trouble communicating with our team but after connecting to the team google account it has been easy.

Does the team have a regular meeting schedule? What is that schedule? 
We have regular skype meeting since our group is on different schedules.  Our schedule usually is about once or twice a week at 7pm.
Describe the modes of communication between the team members. 
Since our group members are on different schedule we use skype mainly to talk about ideas and where we are going with the game.  But as far as day to day goes we use email to contact each other.

Regarding game documents, what must be remembered while designing your game? 
Document types depend alot on how you want to share your work. Beginning blender files can be emailed but after that you need t use a cloud service like Google.

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