Thursday, December 12, 2013


               The first type of balance is fairness.  Fairness in our game would be seen through the character enemy interaction.  If a player is touched by an enemy the game resets but it is also very easy to kill an enemy with only one bullet.  Another example of fairness in the game would be how you reach the next level.  The level of difficulty in this  is a kind of fairness. It's not that hard.
               The second type of fairness is Challenge verses Success.  Our games flow is relatively quick and easy and because of the time constraint there will only be a few levels  to keep you from ever getting bored.  The level of difficulty in theory would get harder the more you advanced on but for now there's only going to be one difficulty.  
               The third type of fairness deals with Meaningful Choices.  Where should i go, who do i kill first....?  Our game is going to have you make simple choices.  As who to kill first...Well just don't get touched. Shoot or start over. kill or be killed.  The enemy interaction are simple enough to not make the player think to hard to overcome the enemy yet still be demanding enough. 
               The fourth type of fairness is Skill vs. Chance.  The opposing force in our game is a simple enemy .  This gives the player too much skill and may make our game too predictable but if we where to go on with the game the level of difficulty would increase leveling this out.  Also if we were able to implement a randomizing element to the dragon balls location our skill of the player would need to increase.
               The fifth type of fairness deals with Heads verses Hands.  This is referring to the player pushing buttons or solving puzzles.  Our game has a good mix of both with the exploring for the dragon balls and killing of enemies.  The puzzle is in the adventure and the challenge of button smashing comes in the enemy interactions.  Our game doesn't have any competition or cooperation in it because it is only a single player game.
               The seventh type of fairness is the length of game play.  Our game defiantly falls under the too short category.  But this is due to the time constraint.  The game has no time constraint so as long as you don't get to close to an enemy the game is only really in action when the player is playing.  This  means the game and end when you die or win or you get bored and leave(afk).
               The eight type of fairness is the reward system.  Our reward system is you have quest to get a dragon ball and then move on to the next level.  Your reward is you get to move on to the next level.  So your rewarded with the success of finding the ball but i would like to think the beautiful environment along the quest is a reward within itself.  You also get rewards for not dying but getting to continue to play and sometimes that's a challenge within itself to stay on the map.
               With rewards comes punishments.  The punishment for wondering off the map or letting an enemy touch you results in an end of game.  So the shortening and restarting of play is what you get punished with in our game.  Also the bad sound effects are punishing enough.
               Freedom vs. Controlled.  Our game is too much controls in the fact that you have the only power in the game.  I tried to add animations where the environment would move the player but failed in every attempt.
               Another degree of fairness is how simple or complex the game is.  Our game is very simple thus very simple.  It may be to simple but the goal was to create a game and we didn't quit reach the point of complexity in our game.


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