Thursday, December 12, 2013

Homework 8

·  Is the space in your game discrete or continuous?
            Our game is in a discrete world.
·  How many dimensions does your space have? 
            Our game is in 3 deminsion.
·  What are the boundaries of your space? 
            The boundaries in our game is staying on the level if you fall you die.
·  How many verbs do your players (characters) have? What are they?
            Our character can run, turn and shoot.
·  How many objects can each verb act on? What are these objects? 
            Each action works with only the character.
·  How many ways can players achieve their goals
            The player can achieve goals by finding the way to the next level by searching around for a dragon ball that will unlock the door to the next level.  Shooting an enemy will kill it also.
·  How many subjects do the players control? What are these subjects? 
            The player will only control the character with which has the ability to interact with the other objects in the game.           
·  What are the operative actions in your game? 
            the operative action in the game are the character movements.
·  What actions would you like your players to do that they cannot presently do? (based on your current knowledge of Blender)
            I would like the player to be able to jump without tipping over or double jumping.
·  What is the ultimate goal of your game?
            To find all the dragon balls and defeat the final boss to get the last one. 
·  Are there short and long term goals? What are they? 
            Short term goals are to find the dragon balls and advance to the next level.  Long term goals would be to get to the final level and get the last dragon ball.
·  How do you plan to make the game goals known and understood by the player? 
            The only way we can explain the rules of the game in-game is through a text floating across the screen.
·  What are the foundational rules of your game? 
            Collect dragon balls and advance level.
·  How are these rules enforced? 
            You cannot advance to the next level until you have gathered the dragon ball.
·  Does your game develop real skills? What are they? 
            Our game doesn't develop any real skills.
·  Does your game develop virtual skills? What are they? 

            The virtual skills learned by our game are just the basic controls and problem solving at its simplest form.

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