Thursday, December 12, 2013

Homework 6 chapter 4-5

-Four each of the four elements of the Tetrad, explain how it is addressed by your game. If one of the four elements is not used, please state this. 
               The first of the tetrad is mechanics.  Mechanics are the procedures and rules for the game.  In our game the mechanics work through the tasks given to reach the next level.  The rule for each level is to find an object that will open up the door to the next level and face enemies along the way.  So the goal is to reach the end of the game by overcoming the enemies and obstacles.  This is our set of procedures to further your player in our game.
               The second is story.  Our game doesn't have a story that is told throughout the game.  This is due because it's hard to incorporate story telling items into the game we aren't far enough along yet in blender  to try do so.  But hopefully we can add a item in the game like ripped note book pages telling a story that the player finds through the quest.
               The third part of the tetrad is the aesthetics.  Our game is going to textured through tile able images giving it a clean neat look.  But the time constraints,  leaves the modeling of our objects a little box like still throwing off the overall look.  Also sound in our game hasn't yet been incorporated so there is a missing element to this part of the tetrad.  So our overall aesthetics are going to be a bit rough.
               The final part of the tetrad is technology.  This is the part of this tetrad that the blender program comes into.  Without the blender technologies we wouldn't be able to make this kind of game.
  -Do the four (or less) elements work towards a current theme? 
               The four elements of the tetrad should work towards the theme.  These elements are going to sculpt the players experience and leave a lasting effect.  Hopefully the use of these elements help the theme to resonate with the player.  As technology has gotten better so has themes of games so there is defiantly a connection there.  The aesthetics and mechanics should both relfect the theme of the game and the final goal.
  -In your own words, describe the meaning of a "theme", and how does it differ from an "experience" (see book for examples in Chapters 2 and 5. 
               A theme is what keeps the player playing. The theme what makes the characters in the games significant.  It gives the characters in a game an extra dimension of realism bringing real feeling and emotions into a game reality.   I think everyone has a personal preference when it comes to themes like heroism, love, or betrayal.   The experience is more like taking in what the game has to offer mechanically, aesthetically, story line.  Experiences are like using just using sight and smell but when you're talking about theme it involves all the senses.

  -What is your game's theme? 
               Our games theme is about the character trying find these dragon balls while overcoming enemies.  This is a basic heroism theme and hopefully we can evolve it into something more.
 - What are the elements in your game that are meant to reinforce this theme? 
               The element we have placed into the game to reinforce the theme is the environment in which the character finds himself in.  We hope to incorporate ripped note book pages that tell the story.
  -What is it about your game that you feel makes it special and powerful?
               The special part of our game is that it is my personal game. The uniqueness of how we created the game in our own idea is what makes it special.

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